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Emergency Response Team waiting for you to fill out the information so we can get right on your Emergency. Free Energy Audit and Assessment to save your money on energy cost. Compare and Calculate your Energy useage for lighting componets and lighting system TCL Electrical and Lighting has many Commercial Projects and Lighting Case Studies

Bill Semick - Sales   -   TCL Electrical and Lighting

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    Bill Semick
   P: 630.249.9100
   E: bill@tclelectric.com


Bill Semick - Sales

Bill has over 25 years of sales and customer service experience. Bill is our trained expert in the energy rebate programs. His commitment to customer service is appreciated by each of his current customers. Always working to put together the best energy efficient lighting solution for his clients. The names of a couple of his satisfied clients are Old Second Bank, Value Industrial Partners and Americenters.  He is currently working towards his LEED certification.
  • College of Dupage - Business and Marketing
  • 25 years of Sales and Customer Service
  • 5 Years with TCL

  • Implemented the ComEd energy rebate program at TCL. This saved TCL and ComEd customers over 2 million dollars of out of pocket costs. This generated thousands of satisfied TCL customers.
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction Award 2013 & 2014


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Tom Locascio - President/ Owner TCL Electrical and Lighting

Tom Locascio
P: 630.844.3274
E: tom@tclelectric.com

Scott Kramer - Operations Manager for TCL Electrical and Lighting

Scott Kramer
Operations Manager
P: 630.479.7252
E: scott@tclelectric.com


John Machay Sr.
Vice President
E: john@tclelectric.com

John Machay Jr. - Energy Efficiency Manager for TCL Electrical and Lighting

John Machay Jr.
Energy Efficiency Manager
P: 630.429.0030
E: john2@tclelectric.com


Chris Lucarz - Sales for TCL Electrical and Lighting

Chris Lucarz
P: 630.551.6074
E: chris@tclelectric.com

Darren Stacy - Sales for TCL Electrical and Lighting

Darren Stacy
P: 630.809.1314
E: darren@tclelectric.com

David Schoenfeld - Sales for TCL Electrical and Lighting

David Schoenfeld
P: 630.524.1322
E: david@tclelectric.com


Bill Semick - Sales for TCL Electrical and Lighting

Bill Semick
P: 630.247.9100
E: bill@tclelectric.com