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COMPARE AND CALCULATE OPTIONS   -   TCL Electrical and Lighting

Compare and Calculate Options for your Lighting and Energy Consumption

Compare your Lighting Options with our simple to use calculator for figuring energy consumption

Simple Lighting and Energy Calculator

Option 1 - Calculate the energy savings you'll save by comparing one option versus another.

Option 2 - Also find out how long it will take to recoup your full investment for your lighting option (only available from your Sales Representative)

Required information you will need to complete the form.

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* Number of fixtures:
* Average number of hours on per year:
* Your electric cost per kilowatt hour:   $
* Watts per fixture used in current system:
* Watts per fixture used in proposed system:

* This cost should include the lamp, ballast, and labor required to replace the fixture. You may want to subtract any costs that would have been incurred with the current system.