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Corey Bowens - Sales   -   TCL Electrical and Lighting

Corey Bowens - Sales for TCL Electrical and Lighting

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    Corey Bowens
   P: 630.229.3762
   E: corey@tclelectric.com
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Corey Bowens - Sales

I have been with TCL Electrical and Lighting since 2005.  I started as a field electrician, where every day seemed to be a new adventure.  When I started I didn't understand the complexity of how much work actually goes into maintaining both interior and exterior lighting, from simple repairs to a newly constructed lighting system.  I believe what I have learned here has helped to make me a well-rounded electrician.  

My roll at TCL has changed in the past couple of years and currently I work on Outside Sales and Account Management.  This is proving to be another exciting journey in which I am learning an entirely new aspect of the Electrical Industry.  I continue to be impressed by the level of accomplishments that our company is able to perform.  I also truly enjoy the environment and everyone I interact with on a daily bases.  The Staff of TCL is a knowledgeable and well oil machine that works efficiently and hard.  I am proud to a member of such a company.

  • 3 Yrs. - Lakeland J.C. Mantoon, IL
  • 2 Yrs. - Waubonsee J.C. College for Electrical Engineering and Architectual Drafting
  • 3 Yrs. - ABC Electrician Appreticeship
  • 21 Yrs. - Electrical Experience
  • 2 Yrs. - Electrical Sales
  • 5 Yrs. - Home Remodeling

  • Certificate in Bussiness Administration
  • Certificate in Data Processing
  • 3yrs ABC Electrician Apprenticeship
  • Promotion to Sales and Account Management


 Awards and Certificates
  • Certification in Business Administration and Data Processing
  • Electrical License Res./Comm (currently exp.)
  • Yes - Formally Licensed in  Dupage County, Kane County, Will County


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Tom Locascio - President/ Owner TCL Electrical and Lighting

Tom Locascio
P: 630.844.3274
E: tom@tclelectric.com

Scott Kramer - Operations Manager for TCL Electrical and Lighting

Scott Kramer
Operations Manager
P: 630.479.7252
E: scott@tclelectric.com


John Machay Sr.
Vice President
E: john@tclelectric.com

John Machay Jr. - Energy Efficiency Manager for TCL Electrical and Lighting

John Machay Jr.
Energy Efficiency Manager
P: 630.429.0030
E: john2@tclelectric.com


Chris Lucarz - Sales for TCL Electrical and Lighting

Chris Lucarz
P: 630.551.6074
E: chris@tclelectric.com

Darren Stacy - Sales for TCL Electrical and Lighting

Darren Stacy
P: 630.809.1314
E: darren@tclelectric.com

Thomas Locascio Jr.
Inside Sales Representative
/ Social Media Manager

P: 847.915.9296
E: thomas@tclelectric.com