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commercial lighting re-lamps in Belvidere IL

commercial lighting re-lamps Services in Belvidere IL, providing services such as Property Maintenance for Electrical and Lighting Services, Electric Repairs and Services, EV Charging Station and Equipment Provider and Installer, Exterior Lighting Maintenance Contractor Services, Lighting Fixture Repairs and Services, Lighting Maintenance and Installation, Parking Lot & Exterior Lighting Maintenance, New Construction and Remodeling Electrical Work, Energy Audits, Sign Lighting, LED Solutions, Re-lamps, Retrofits & Ballast Programs, Energy Efficient Upgrades & Design Audits, Underground Cable & Fault Locating, Thermal Imaging, as well as other commercial lighting re-lamps projects. Our crew will listen intently to your concerns and find the best solutions available to alleviate the problems.

Our commercial lighting re-lamps Service team pledges to understand your commercial lighting re-lamps goals and follow through with our dedication to quality commercial lighting re-lamps workmanship and service on every commercial lighting re-lamps project.  We have the area’s most accurate commercial lighting re-lamps cost-saving software, to monitor your commercial lighting re-lamps systems and save you money.

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Light Bulb | commercial lighting re-lamps in Belvidere IL

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We offer the following Commercial commercial lighting re-lamps Services in Belvidere IL:

Our licensed, bonded and insured commercial lighting re-lamps professionals in Belvidere IL offer outstanding services for parking lot and exterior lights, energy audits for significant cost savings, sign and LED lighting solutions, re-laming and retrofits, energy upgrades, new construction electrical work and underground cable & fault locating. Our highly-trained professionals are ready to address any lighting or electrical issues on your property.

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When it comes to your commercial lighting re-lamps needs, We have you covered.  

Electrical and Lighting Services for commercial lighting re-lamps in Belvidere IL, as well as the Following Services for:

  • Property Maintenance Services
  • Electrical and Lighting Services
  • Electrical and Lighting Maintenance
  • Exterior Lighting Maintenance Contractor
  • Interior Lighting Maintenance Contractor
  • LED Sign and Parking Lot Lighting Maintenance
  • LED Lighting Contractor
  • Lighting Retrofitting and Electrical Services
  • Licensed Electricians for Electrical Emergency’s
  • Lighting Maintenance Services for Parking Lot Poles, Lights and Signs
  • LED Signage and Lighting Maintenance
  • Exterior Lighting Maintenance Contractor
  • Underground Cable and Fault Locating Contractor
  • Commercial Remodeling Electrical Contractor
  • Lighting Retrofits and Energy Saving Rebates
  • Energy Efficient Utility Upgrade Program Partner
  • Energy Efficient Indoor and Outdoor Led Lighting
  • Electrical and Lighting Services and Maintenance
  • Commercial Parking Lot Lighting Installation and Maintenance
  • Thermal Imaging Services for Motor Controls, Switch gears and Electrical Panels
  • Commercial Lighting Retrofit Maintenance Contractor
  • Commercial Electrical and Lighting Services Contractor
  • Commercial Lighting Maintenance Services
  • Commercial Energy Efficient Upgrades and Design Audit
  • Commercial Exterior Lighting Maintenance Contractor
  • Commercial Underground Cable and Fault Locating Contractor
  • Exterior Parking Lot Lighting and Sign Installation Contractor
  • Outdoor Sign Installation, Maintenance and Repairs
  • 24-Hour Emergency Electrical and Lighting Services
  • Warehouse Lighting Services and Maintenance Contractor
  • Industrial and Warehouse Lighting Repair Services
  • LED Lighting Fixture Maintenance Contractor
  • EV Charging Station and Equipment Provider and Installer
  • Underground Fault Locating Equipment

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Parking lot | commercial lighting re-lamps in Belvidere ILWe offer the area’s best commercial lighting re-lamps. 

Our commercial lighting re-lamps contractors are all licensed bonded and insured, and their work comes with a one year satisfaction guarantee.  Proper lighting for exteriors and interiors is crucial in order to maintain safety and to keep customers flowing in and out of your facility smoothly.  And, we’ve got the right energy answers to make your lighting economical and to prevent code violations. Our experienced staff can conduct a free energy efficiency report in addition to other services you may need.

Want to take your lighting to the next “GREEN FRIENDLY” solutions?  No problem, our LED lamps consume less energy, increase lighting and provide significant savings to your energy bills.  Don’t forget that we offer quality new construction electrical work.   We’re licensed, bonded and insured.


Parking Lot & Exterior Lighting Maintenance in Belvidere IL

Parking lot | commercial lighting re-lamps in Belvidere ILOur commercial lighting re-lamps experts offer the area’s finest commercial electrical and lighting services.  We believe that proper lighting creates an atmosphere of safety and security for your customers and employees.  To encourage less crime it’s important for business property owners and managers to use modern technology to raise outdoor light levels in and around your facility.  Our experienced staff can conduct a free energy efficiency report in addition to other services you may need.

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We advise a minimum of 5-foot candles of lighting for all parking areas.  Recent revisions in lighting code requirements may put older existing facilities at risk of code violations (as well as increased crime) until they upgrade their lighting system.

Recent studies have proven that site lighting is one of the top three reasons why increased retail sales have occurred at malls, strip centers and shopping centers. 

We offer our commercial lighting re-lamps commercial customers our complete “Exterior Lighting Maintenance Program”.  It provides added value and improved security to parking lots and other locations needing safety and adequate lighting. We will review your current setup for lighting and make the necessary improvements to ensure reliable lighting is in place.

Included are the following:

  • Quarterly On-Site Inspections
  • Quarterly Inspection Reports
  • Prompt Scheduled Service and Emergency Repairs
  • 4 Hour Emergency Service
  • 24 Hour, 7 Days a Week Service

We offer cost-effective service contracts for all exterior lighting and signage, parking lot lights, LED, canopy lights, and fluorescent signs.  These are a great way to effectively and affordably budget lighting maintenance costs.

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New Construction and Remodeling Electrical Work in Belvidere IL

We have friendly and experienced people waiting to talk to you so call now!  Our professional staff are licensed, bonded, and insured with years of experience meeting critical deadlines and building everything to meet code.  From electrical wiring, and overhead lighting to parking lot lights, our electrical & lighting experts can complete any project with dependability, safety, and attention to detail. Our friendly professionals will provide advice and consultation on the best course of action for your lighting and electrical needs.

We are fully equipped to manage all of your commercial lighting re-lamps commercial facility electrical requirements regardless of the size of the job.  Everything from multi-million dollar projects to minor electrical installations and repairs, we’ve got the team of professionals to do it right!  With every new construction electrical system job, we create electrical systems that provide reliability, safety, and energy efficiency.  We’re committed to giving our commercial lighting re-lamps commercial clients personal and professional care that minimizes their downtime and produces efficient and quality work. Recommendations made by our professionals will not only improve your situation but also help you save money in areas where we can improve efficiency.

It’s natural that we would be totally familiar and aware of all recent technological innovations impacting new electrical installation construction jobs.  We’ve also got an eye to the future and are looking out for future trends that will impact current installations.  This makes it easier down the road to modify your existing electrical system, lessening the need to replace your entire system again. We believe that preventative maintenance is the key to saving facility owners and property managers considerable operations costs.

We are the area’s most trusted commercial electrical contractor, dedicated to quick response and quality service. Our customer service and technical expertise will provide the solutions you have been looking for. From all our returning customers we know this for a fact!   Call us for your electrical and lighting installation needs.




Lighting Maintenance – Spot Re-Lamping in Belvidere IL

This simply refers to the procedure of changing out a bad lighting lamp or fixture with a new one.  We have the quickest and most responsive service to remove your burned-out bulbs and broken fixtures.  This is not necessarily the most cost-effective approach to getting your lights working again.  For most applications, the largest lighting maintenance expenditure is re-lamping.  It usually is not the cost of the lamp itself that is so costly, but the labor and equipment involved to do it.  Not to mention the possible disruption to your commercial location. We have the equipment and training necessary to handle your lighting and electrical needs.

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Spot re-lamping is a very inefficient use of maintenance staff time in medium to large businesses and schools.  It’s considered a waste of time and money most of the time because of the process steps needed to fix the fixture.  First, the problem must be found and communicated to maintenance, where a site visit is usually required to assess what is wrong.  Second, a new lamp and proper equipment are gathered to fix it.  Sometimes a trip is necessary to purchase the correct lamp and to order a rental lift.  Third, usually workstation equipment must be moved to install a ladder or lift.  After the lamp is changed the workstation equipment has to be repositioned again.  Fourth, within a few days another lamp may fail and the whole process has to be repeated.  All of this requires a lot of time, effects your normal operations, and raises safety concerns.

Nevertheless, contact us for the fastest turn-around and competitive prices on spot re-laming.   Call us for your electrical and lighting installation needs.

Lighting Maintenance – Group Re-Lamping in Belvidere IL

24/7 Emergency Services AvailableBy using our commercial lighting re-lamps services’ group re-lamping, all the lamps in a facility are installed at once, and then at a predetermined schedule in the future all of the lamps are replaced before they start burning out.  This allows our trained commercial lighting re-lamps professionals to schedule access to an area, bring in all the proper equipment and supplies, apply work efficiency perhaps on weekends or other downtimes, and then exit that area until the next scheduled group re-lamping appointment.  It’s quite common for some of the lamps that are not burned out to be retained for future spot re-lamping before the next group re-lamping session. Let us analyze and provide the recommended lighting for your company.

Our commercial lighting re-lamps pros are able to schedule group re-lamping based on a number of variables that compile into what is called the Light Loss Factors (LLF).  LLFs are all the conditions present that degrade the light output of a lighting system.  We implement a proper maintenance plan to guarantee that good light levels are always achieved.  Your lamp’s manufacturer data will help us to determine the expected life of the lighting.  Related to lamp life is the amount of daily and annual use.  Fixtures that get little use will not need to be serviced as frequently as those receiving daily use.  For most commercial operations we can easily check and predict the amount of annual use. 

ToolsFinally, another LLF to consider is the lamp lumen depreciation (LLD).  Remember that all light sources usually get dimmer with age.  It’s how much dimmer and how quickly that factor in.  For instance, some mercury vapor and old circular fluorescence continue to burn long after their rated life but provide far less light than when they were new.  Trouble in determining proper light levels then become more difficult to identify.  So we utilize our superior methods of determining proper group re-lamping intervals.  The trick is to find the point when the lamps in an area start burning out on a regular enough frequency to make it cost-effective to replace them all, even when they’re not burned out yet.  Normally this turns out to be 70-80% of the rated lamp life. Our crew will listen intently to your concerns and find the best solutions available to alleviate the problems.

Also, two additional group re-lamping variables are Luminary Dirt Depreciation and Luminary Surface Depreciation.  These two factors are related but usually have different causes, solutions and maintenance intervals.  Our lighting experts realize that how clean or dirty a work environment is can affect overall light levels.  If a work area generates considerable dirt and particulates (such as a wood shop or a paint room), the cleaning cycle will probably be shorter than the re-lamping interval. Remember that the lighting system in a facility should offer optimal light levels as inexpensively as possible. 

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Our experts are ready to discuss all the advantages of group re-lamping. Contact us for any commercial lighting spot re-lamping

Lighting Fixture Maintenance and Cleaning in Belvidere IL

We have the knowledge, equipment, and products to provide superior light fixtures maintenance and cleaning.  During group re-lamping, our professionals can inspect the condition of each fixture.  Any parts damaged such as reflectors and lenses are removed and replaced. This allows for proper light levels to be maintained and ultimately will result in cost savings. Our team brings efficiency in lighting and electrical maintenance.

We additionally offer commercial lighting systems cleaning, as well.  Normally light fixtures are cleaned once a year or sooner if needed.  We come ready to clean with all the proper equipment, products, and cleaning items to get the job done fast and accurately.  While the exact cleaning procedure used will depend on the types of light fixtures present, a typical cleaning involves the following:

  • Lifts/ladders, damp cloths, dry cloths(usually micro fiber (cloths), all-Perfect Mix light fixture cleaner, pliers and screw drivers
  • Turning off the power to the light fixture being cleaned for crew safety
  • Wiping any loose dust and dirt with a cloth
  • Removing the fixture cover using proper tools
  • Hand cleaning the fixture inside and out with a damp cloth, and use Perfect Mix Light Fixture Cleaning Solution.
  • Replacing any burned-out lights
  • Replacing the cover to the light fixture

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Energy Audits that can Save you Valuable Energy Consumption Dollars and perhaps qualify for a ComEd Rebate for Energy Savings in Belvidere IL

Our commercial lighting re-lamps professionals can show you how new lighting technology can save you time and money.  To learn more, contact us to schedule an energy audit of your facility.  Modern lighting technology gives you the power to reduce energy consumption while providing the illumination levels needed to be productive and safe.  With 25-watt lamps, we’ll show you how we can help lower your energy consumption while helping the environment. Our team brings efficiency in lighting and electrical maintenance.

25-watt lamps can help do the following:

  • Can reduce energy costs by over 28% vs. T8 and over 43% vs. T12
  • Provide a perfect solution for high energy cost areas
  • Provide 2400 initial lumens vs. 2800 lumens for standard T8
  • Have a 36,000-hour rated life on IS ballast at 3 Hours/Start
  • Provide TCLP compliance showing you’re environmentally cognizant.

We can also install high-bay fluorescent lighting systems.  These systems give you better lighting options at a fraction of the cost of operation.  Excellent for replacing inefficient, traditional high-bay fixtures.  High-bay fluorescent lighting systems will replace most HID lamps in both retail and industrial settings.  There are numerous benefits including energy efficiency, instant re-strike, improved color rendering and improved lamp life. Our company is dependable and employs knowledgeable technicians to provide you with the best options.

Let our commercial lighting re-lamps experts help you replace older inefficient lighting fixtures in large warehouses and industrial buildings.  We have numerous energy-efficient lighting systems you can choose from, all from top-of-the-line manufacturers.  After conducting an energy audit in your facility, we can recommend the best lighting system for your building.  Whether it’s high-bay, low-bay, or flood-lighting, our professionals have the right lighting solutions.   Improve your lighting overall, as well as eliminate “start up” or “cool down” times.

Our commercial lighting re-lamps pros can explain all the tax incentives you can qualify for simply by upgrading your lighting system to energy-efficient products.  The return on your investment takes a relatively short period of time to recover.  And, many upgrades can save you up to 80% on your lighting bills, as well as save precious energy resources.  It all starts with conducting an energy audit. Contact us for any commercial lighting spot re-lamping

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Sign and Sign Pole Lighting in Belvidere IL

Sign ServicesWe are your “one-stop shop” for all types of sign lighting.  We have commercial lighting re-lamps pros that offer fabrication services for channel letter signs and message boards, replacement of sign faces, as well as design services and management of high volume production runs.  We can make your signs code compliant and permitted.  Having the right commercial sign lighting is important to be able to draw people off the road and into your front door.  Our experts can help you find the best commercial sign lighting for your needs.  They’ll help you make the right choice from the myriad of options available. We listen closely and provide solutions for many types of electrical and lighting needs.

How do you want customers to see your business or school?  Many facility owners opt for neon commercial sign lighting.  While a good option for some, it requires a special manufacturing process to be able to shape the tubes to your specifications.  Because of their costs, neon lights are used as an accent instead of for the entire sign.  During the winter, neon sign lighting will not operate as efficiently in cold weather.  But, there are other affordable options that can offer about the same brightness as neon.

An alternative commercial sign lighting source to neon are LED lights.  Now considered to be the trend in sign lighting, LEDs are low voltage and therefore energy efficient.  Many LED lights are cheaper to create specialty designs because they’re manufactured in ropes that are more easily shaped.  Our experts at have extensive knowledge in LED sign lighting.  LED lights are usually a better option when used in harsher climates. We understand the importance of having proper lighting in place for the safety of your customers and employees.

Let our commercial lighting re-lamps and sign lighting pros explain how bright HID outdoor flood lamps can additionally highlight your business’s sign.  If you need the light to reach over something, then a goose-neck light is a recommended option for your sign lighting.  You have the choice of mercury vapor, high-pressure sodium, metal halide, or halogen bulbs in these, it just depends on your needs.

Remember too that commercial sign lighting is also used to draw attention to your emergency exits.  Fire codes require that you have all the exits clearly labeled with lit signs to help exit clients and employees to the outside in case of fire or other facility evacuations.  In order to avoid loss of business because of a fire code violation, contact us to have us expertly install your emergency exit sign lighting.  This is vital for both the safety of your employees and the successful operation of your business. Recommendations made by our professionals will not only improve your situation but also help you save money in areas where we can improve efficiency.

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We can offer turnkey sign installation & maintenance anywhere your facilities are located throughout the area.  Our commitment is to offer the finest sign lighting installation and maintenance available.

LED Lighting Products and Solutions in Belvidere IL

If you’re looking for extreme durability, low heat output, significant savings on energy, 5-10 times longer lamp life, and potentially removing the ongoing cost for regular maintenance and periodic re-lamping, consider the benefits of LED lighting for your commercial facility.  Replacing HID lighting provides up to 70% energy savings over traditional lighting sources and has a life expectancy of up to 300,000 hours to an average of 30 years.  We can offer these made-in-the-USA, eco-friendly, maintenance-free systems to our commercial customers.  They have no mercury or any requirements for special handling or disposal.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised with the relatively short return on investment of LED lights. Our crew will listen intently to your concerns and find the best solutions available to alleviate the problems.

When it comes to safety in electrical and lighting situations we have the experience and technology to handle your requests. Amazing long-life technology is what makes LED lighting systems a long-term investment.  Our commercial lighting re-lamps experts can show you how these fabulous lights last significantly longer than fluorescent products and up to 50 times longer than traditional incandescent lighting.  For tremendous energy and maintenance savings, LED lighting is justifiable even with its higher upfront cost.  Widely used in office, retail, medical, hospitality and other outdoor lighting applications, our professionals can offer you a wide variety of LED lighting solutions. 

When your facility is ready for a switch to a new LED lighting system, we will be there to advise you on utilizing complimentary light fixtures.  We have many fixture types that will help deliver uniform light distribution across the face of the luminaire, displaying an aesthetically pleasing light that reduces glare commonly located in office and retail facilities.  These fixtures offer a modern, fashionable appearance helping your building achieve maximum employee productivity, energy efficiency, and maintenance savings. 

LED lights offer a modern style in area and street lighting.  These lights offer an energy-efficient and high-quality means for maximizing the illumination of important roadways and walkways.  Our commercial lighting re-lamps experts will make sure your LED area and street lights deliver optimum horizontal and vertical uniformity.  This also results in reduced glare and enhanced control of the lighting.  Call us today for a FREE estimate. We know lighting!

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Re-lamps, Retrofits and Ballast Programs in Belvidere IL

Electric consumption is the most expensive portion of the cost related to a lighting system.  But, labor to install lamps is the second biggest contributor to the actual cost of the lamp.  At an hourly salary rate, if your maintenance department is changing one lamp or fixture at a time, it quickly becomes apparent that a far more economical practice is to implement a cost-saving group re-lamp or some type of regularly scheduled lighting maintenance program.  Our commercial lighting re-lamps experts can control and lower your lighting maintenance issues, thus saving you money!

If you choose to enact an overall lighting retrofit for your facility, we have the experience and skill to get the job done right and on schedule.  Let us analyze and provide the recommended lighting for your company. Facility owners and managers know that older lighting systems waste energy and money.  We can give you the information, expertise, and incentives you want to install energy-efficient lighting and controls, to work in conjunction with other new high-efficiency energy systems that you’re looking to install. 

Our lighting retrofit program helps commercial facility owners and managers upgrade their light fixtures and lighting controls with the latest energy-efficient technologies. 

To do this we offer the following light retrofitting services:

  • Incentives and rebate information for installation of energy-saving upgrades
  • Quality work utilizing the highest material specifications and requirements
  • At least a minimum of 25% energy savings after completion
  • Disposal of removed materials
  • Follow-ups to ensure that the newly retrofitted lighting system is operating properly

Maybe your type of lighting is suitable for the time being, but are you looking to upgrade the current system’s efficiency?  Our commercial lighting re-lamps pros can achieve this goal by changing out your ballast components.  Our crew will listen intently to your concerns and find the best solutions available to alleviate the problems. Electronic ballast fluorescent fixtures with reflectors use 40-70% less energy than standard (magnetic ballast) fluorescents.  These ballasts provide much higher color rendition, higher lumen maintenance and function without the hum and flicker often corresponded with fluorescent fixtures.  The new ballast installed by us operates at significantly higher frequencies than magnetic ballast.  Electronic ballast fluorescent fixtures are rated to last 100,000 hours compared to 20,000 with other types. {CTA}

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Energy Efficient Lighting Upgrades and Design Audits in Belvidere IL

Our customers save energy and reduce operating costs, and at the same time improving and maintaining their environment.  From commercial businesses, industrial, hospitality, medical and governmental clients, we have the latest energy efficient upgrades and retrofits to conserve energy and lower expenses.  Think of it this way, a 10 percent drop in energy costs for many commercial properties can generate a net profit by as much as 16 percent.  And, for a major chain store for instance, a 10 percent reduction in operating costs could yield tens of millions of dollars in added profit. We understand the importance of having proper lighting in place for the safety of your customers and employees.

Our commercial lighting re-lamps professionals can help you discover ways to improve the energy efficiency of your facility.  This process begins by having us conduct an energy audit and evaluation.  Our experts have the lighting and HVAC upgrades that can make an immediate difference.  You’ll also be creating avenues for increased sales because of the creation of a more pleasing shopping and working environment. 

We have commercial energy evaluation services for the following:

  • Lighting
  • HVAC systems
  • Electrical system
  • Windows
  • Motors
  • Appliances
  • Water heaters
  • Motors

Our commercial lighting re-lamps experts carefully and thoroughly evaluate your facility.  This process by our pros will normally take 1-2 hours to finish.  Afterward, we’ll supply you with detailed information that includes recommended energy improvements and information on incentives and any rebates available. Our experienced staff can conduct a free energy efficiency report in addition to other services you may need.

From energy evaluations and audits, lighting retrofits, outdoor security lighting, new construction lighting, HVAC systems, water heaters, heat pumps to energy-efficient electrical systems, contact our experts for all your energy-efficient upgrades and design audits.  Fill out our contact form and we will get back to you right away!

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Thermal Imaging for Underground Cable And Fault Locating in Belvidere IL

Our commercial lighting re-lamps technicians have the latest equipment for any type of commercial lighting re-lamps services as well as the proper equipment to locate all your thermal Imagine for underground cable and fault utilities.  We  have years of knowledge operating this specialized equipment.  A majority of the time we can save you from trenching or directional boring.  Our pros troubleshoot and repair all aspects of electrical including commercial lighting re-lamps service problems as well as such things as circuits, switches, devices, smoke detectors, fixtures, panels, outlets, dimming lights, ground fault circuits, all types of fault circuits, voltage surges, voltage drops, brown-out, black-outs, masts, underground line locating, sockets, heating elements, dusk to dawn lighting, timers, neutral and grounding defects in Belvidere IL and much, much more.

You want the best in lighting and service from the company you hire and in our opinion we are the best of the best. On every commercial excavation project, it’s vital that all underground cables are located before work begins.  Failure to do this often results in damage that can be extremely costly and even illegal.  Our Armour Construction Services’ pros are highly trained in the interpretation of locating plans, thus saving you time trying to assess site assets.  We use highly reliable radio detection for locating metallic pipes and cables.  Our equipment will give us the location and depth of their location.  Then all located assets are clearly marked on site.

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