Energy Audits

Electrical and Lighting Maintenance Services for Energy Audits:

Energy Audits available for your Retail, Office, Industrial or Commercial Building.

TCL ELECTRICAL & LIGHTNG has certified and trained employees who are able to assess opportunities for energy reduction and provide detailed reports to validate savings and energy sustainability. Let us show you how the latest in Lighting Technology can save you time and money! To find out more or to schedule an audit, contact us today!

Current lighting technology gives you the power to reduce your energy consumption while maintaining the illumination levels you need to be productive and safe. With economic and efficient 25 watt lamps, you can lower your energy consumption while contributing to your environmental sustainability.

25 watt lamps:

25-watt lamps are Toxicity Characteristic Leaching Procedure (TLCP) compliant (they have low mercury content), ensuring proper care of our environmental resources.

  • Can reduce energy costs over 28% vs. T8 and over 43% vs. T12
    (See charts below for system wattage reduction)
  • Are an ideal solution for high energy cost areas
  • Provide 2400 initial lumens vs. 2800 lumens for standard T8
  • Have a 36,000 hour rated life on IS ballast at 3 Hours/Start
  • Are environmentally conscious: TCLP compliant

High-bay fluorescent lighting systems

These systems are designed to replace inefficient, traditional high-bay systems, giving you better lighting options at a fraction of the operating cost.

Cost effective fluorescent high-bay systems will replace most HID lamps in both retail and industrial applications. Advantages to high-bay fluorescent lamps include:

  • Energy Efficiency – approaches 100% in some models
  • Better Lumen Maintenance – up to 30% better than tradition HID
  • Instant Restrike – will not leave you in the dark after power interruptions
  • Integral Backup – one or more lamps or ballasts can go out while others in the same fixture continue to burn
  • Control Friendly – sensors, photocells, dimming capabilities and more
  • Improved Color Rendering – CRI of 82 improves visual acuity and color accuracy
  • Negligible Color Shift – consistent color throughout the life of the lamp
  • Linear source – fluorescent offers a wide range of color choices
  • Improved Lamp Life – up to three times longer than metal halide lamps

High-bay fluorescent lamps can adapt to any application

From small retail venues to large industrial applications:

  • Big-box retail
    maximize energy cost savings
    excellent color rendering
  • Small retail venues
    vivid color and illumination sleek, contemporary designs
  • Industrial
    excellent lumen maintenance – light levels won’t decrease with time
    higher lumens per watt, lower energy costs

Gymnasiums, cafeterias, and auditoriums instant restrike, no waiting for lights to relight after power interruptions optional wire and cage guards

Additional Services

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Sports Lighting Repairs and New Installations
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