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Do you need Professional Exterior Lighting Maintenance Services for your Commercial Business?

We provide Electrical and Lighting Services for Property Maintenance and Commercial Businesses in the following Cities listed below and provide other services such as Interior Lighting Maintenance and Installation, Parking Lot & Exterior Lighting Maintenance, New Construction and Remodeling Electrical Work, Energy Audits, Sign Lighting, LED Solutions, Re-lamps, Retrofits & Ballast Programs, Energy Efficient Upgrades & Design Audits, Underground Cable & Fault Locating, Thermal Imaging, as well as other Exterior Lighting Maintenance Contractor projects. 

We provide Commercial Exterior Lighting Maintenance Services
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Maintaining your Commercial Property using our Exterior Lighting Maintenance Contractor Services by call us at (866) 259-4224 if you need Emergency Service call now, if you need us to Inspect and Estimate your electrical consumption and how we recommend lighting energy saving solutions and response to your emergency response request, that we all wished never happened but which is would just go away, “Click One” of our Lighting or Electrical responses now for immediate response!

We offer the following Commercial Exterior Electrical and Lighting Maintenance Services as well.  

  • Property Maintenance Services
  • Electrical and Lighting Services
  • Electrical and Lighting Maintenance
  • Exterior Lighting Maintenance Contractor
  • Interior Lighting Maintenance Contractor
  • LED Sign and Parking Lot Lighting Maintenance
  • LED Lighting Contractor
  • Lighting Retrofitting and Electrical Services
  • Licensed Electricians for Electrical Emergency’s
  • Lighting Maintenance Services for Parking Lot Poles, Lights and Signs
  • LED Signage and Lighting Maintenance
  • Exterior Lighting Maintenance Contractor
  • Underground Cable and Fault Locating Contractor
  • Commercial Remodeling Electrical Contractor
  • Lighting Retrofits and Energy Saving Rebates
  • Energy Efficient Utility Upgrade Program Partner
  • Energy Efficient Indoor and Outdoor Led Lighting
  • Electrical and Lighting Services and Maintenance
  • Commercial Parking Lot Lighting Installation and Maintenance
  • Thermal Imaging Services for Motor Controls, Switch gears and Electrical Panels
  • Commercial Lighting Retrofit Maintenance Contractor
  • Commercial Electrical and Lighting Services Contractor
  • Commercial Lighting Maintenance Services
  • Commercial Energy Efficient Upgrades and Design Audit
  • Commercial Exterior Lighting Maintenance Contractor
  • Commercial Underground Cable and Fault Locating Contractor
  • Exterior Parking Lot Lighting and Sign Installation Contractor
  • Outdoor Sign Installation, Maintenance and Repairs
  • 24-Hour Emergency Electrical and Lighting Services
  • Warehouse Lighting Services and Maintenance Contractor
  • Industrial and Warehouse Lighting Repair Services
  • LED Lighting Fixture Maintenance Contractor
  • EV Charging Station and Equipment Provider and Installer
  • Underground Fault Locating Equipment

Our Exterior Lighting Maintenance Contractor Service team pledges to understand your Exterior Lighting Maintenance Service needs and can follow through with our dedication to provide quality Exterior Lighting Maintenance Services and workmanship on every Commercial Property or Commercial Business project.  We have the area’s most accurate Electrical and Lighting cost-saving software, to monitor your Property Maintenance for Exterior Lighting Maintenance services and systems and save you money.

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Our licensed, bonded and insured Exterior Lighting Maintenance Contracting professionals in the following Cities listed below offer outstanding services for parking lot and exterior lights, energy audits for significant cost savings, sign and LED lighting solutions, re-laming and retrofits, energy upgrades, new construction electrical work and underground cable & fault locating.

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Chicago Elgin Cicero Bolingbrook Orland Park Oak Park Glenview Moline
Aurora Springfield Schaumburg Decatur Oak Lawn Wheaton Elmhurst Belleville
Naperville Peoria Bloomington Skokie Mount Prospect Normal Plainfield Bartlett
Joliet Champaign Evanston Palatine Berwyn Hoffman Estates Lombard Crystal Lake
Rockford Waukegan Arlington Heights Des Plaines Tinley Park Downers Grove Buffalo Grove Park Ridge


Certified NALMCO Lighting Management Company

TCL Electrical and Lighting has been a member of the international Association of Lighting Management Companies® (NALMCO) since 2002. NALMCO is alighting management company and professional trade association. Professionals and lighting management companies deliver services and information and create industry relationships for the benefit of its members and their customers. NALMCO has over 2,000 lighting management professionals who attend in-person professional development seminars and training, a convention and trade show, and nationally recognized certification programs. Our team members are Certified Lighting Management Consultants® (CLMC®). Our team members of the lighting management industry have demonstrated high-class lighting product and service knowledge and technical expertise.

Our team members can give professional advice or recommendations for:

  • Proper lighting lamp, ballast, fixtures, and controls characteristics and usage
  • Lighting design and proper usage applications
  • Energy saving project plans related to lighting and controls 
  • Lighting maintenance, lamp recycling and disposal procedures