Thermal Imaging

TCL Electrical and Lighting Maintenance Services for Thermal Imaging of Electrical Panels, Switchgear Components and Motor Controls:

Thermal Imaging for Electrical Panels, Switchgear Components and Motor Controls can save your company value time and money finding the problem.

“Industry estimates have found that up to 25% of all general electrical apparatus failures occur because of loose electrical connections”.

TCL Electrical and Lighting provides Thermal Imaging of Electrical Panels, Switchgear Components and Motor Controls and other areas of commercial electrical and lighting maintenance. For years we’ve had hundreds of businesses “humming” along with our superior electrical installation and maintenance services. TCL Electrical and Lighting is able offer our customers the latest 21st century thermal imaging infrared surveys to keep their electrical equipment properly operating and worry free.

We Specialize in Infrared Thermal Imaging

The infrared thermal imaging division of TCL Electrical and Lighting is ITC (Infrared Training Center) certified and highly trained in all facets of thermal inspections. Our state-of-the-art equipment can uncover problems before they can cause devastating results to your equipment, personnel and of course your bottom line.

TCL Electrical and Lighting offers three outstanding thermal imaging services for:

  • Electrical panels
  • Switchgear components
  • Motor control centers

As a business owner or facility manager, maybe you have suspicions about why suddenly you’re experiencing power surges or you feel more heat around your panel? TCL Electrical and Lighting’s thermal infrared imaging can quickly detect faulty electrical components and inadequate or damaged wiring. It’s usually not until damage, fire, injury or even death has happened that electrical hazards are discovered. Don’t wait until it’s too late to prevent a major disaster at your facility. Call TCL Electrical and Lighting to discuss your electrical system, at (866) 259-4224.
Infrared thermal imaging inspections and surveys are increasingly popular for commercial businesses using everything from low voltage to medium voltage electrical systems. Our thermal imaging scans incorporate the latest technology usually found only in medical, military and aerospace industries.

TCL Electrical and Lighting has helped many commercial businesses with our thermal imaging inspections for:

  • Commercial properties
  • Office buildings
  • Retail
  • Industrial and manufacturing companies
  • Schools
  • Hospitals and medical buildings.

Thermal infrared imaging inspections are an important ingredient in any industrial and commercial electrical maintenance prevention program. Commercial electrical components and systems benefit from thermal imaging scans because they offer early identification of any potential problems. Owners and property managers utilize TCL Electrical and Lighting inspections to prevent catastrophic failures that can cause damage to equipment, costly downtime due to loss of production, higher energy costs and sometimes even personal injury.

Because infrared energy cannot be seen by the human eye, TCL Electrical and Lighting’s thermal imaging equipment and professional technicians accurately detect and measure all infrared emissions. Keep in mind that most electrical and mechanical components get hot before they fail. By measuring overall temperatures and, more importantly at times, reading the temperature differences between electrical components can be a vital warning of soon developing problems.

Thermal Imaging for Electrical Panels

The lifeline in providing electricity throughout commercial, manufacturing and industrial buildings are their electrical panels. And, if electricity is not provided, production stops and money is lost. Our TCL Electrical and Lighting infrared thermal imaging equipment is an unmistaken tool in identifying electrical panel problems prior to failure. This allows our commercial clients to take proactive steps to eliminate costly and perhaps dangerous electrical outages.

Electrical panels house all the necessary electrical components and wiring that connect everything together for smooth functionality. Our electrical thermal imaging inspections can identify any loose/weak connections between a breaker and the main panel bus.

TCL Electrical and Lighting’s infrared scans can find:

  • Overloaded circuits
  • Harmonic electrical problems
  • Load imbalances
  • Defective electrical parts.

Undetected electrical panel troubles can lead to failures resulting in equipment damage, expensive downtime and possible personal injury.

Our imaging scanning equipment can quickly and accurately identify defective electrical panel components. With an electrical panel survey in hand, our commercial clients know about all the specific hazards and issues they’re facing. Then TCL Electrical and Lighting’s professionals can quickly correct or repair any electrical panel system components with our qualified electricians.

Thermal Imaging for Switchgear Components

Our thermal imaging inspections can also detect heat coming off your switchgear and switches. TCL Electrical and Lighting can easily determine whether or not you need:

  • A replacement switchgear line-up
  • A new section to add on to your current line-up to meet increased Performance demand needs
  • Or just a low voltage or medium voltage load break switch.

We know switchgear and switches, and have got you covered! Everything from indoor switchgear to outdoor switchgear, TCL Electrical and Lighting provides prompt thermal imaging of your equipment and fast modifications when deemed necessary. Reduce hazards, liability and risk by routinely having us inspect your electrical system. Often a single discovered concern can more than cover the cost of the inspection several times over by preventing unplanned downtime and loss.

Thermal Imaging for Motor Control Centers

Thermal imaging used by TCL Electrical and Lighting is also extremely effective within motor control centers (MCCs). We can evaluate the operating condition of all key components by contrasting their relative temperatures under load.

Service Includes:

  • Controllers
  • Contactors
  • Bus bars
  • Starters
  • Fuses
  • Relays
  • Disconnects
  • Breakers
  • Transformers
  • Feeders

Motor control centers are standalone housing panels with one or more combination motor control units used for controlling an AC motor in a particular application.

Each MCC uses an:

  • Exterior disconnect
  • Branch circuit and motor over-current protection
  • A magnetic motor starter coinciding with pilot devices found on the panel door

Our thermal imaging looks at electrical components that are hotter or cooler than similar ones under similar loads. By TCL Electrical and Lighting’s professionals performing Thermal Imagine they can identify:

  • Broken and undersized wires
  • Faulty (too loose, over tightened or corroded) connections
  • Electrical unbalance during phases and defective insulation.


CAUTION: TCL Electrical and Lighting’s thermal imaging personnel are qualified and certified to open electrical panel covers. We use the appropriate personal protective equipment to keep us safe.

TCL Electrical and Lighting’s technicians understand how connection related hot spots usually (not always) look warmest at the spot of high resistance, cooling portioned out from that spot. Industry estimates have found that up to 25% of all general electrical apparatus failures occur because of loose electrical connections. As with all our electrical work, equipment conditions that pose the greatest safety risk should receive the highest repair priority. Let our experts at TCL Electrical and Lighting inspect and fix any motor control centers’ problems. Call (866) 259-4224 to discuss anything concerning your electrical system.

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