John – To Do List – TCL Scott – To Do List – TCL
  1. Check the Bullet Points in the Footer that are on the social media links, do you want them on there? – 12-08-22
  2. Remove some of the words from the bullet points on the home page so that it does wrap to a second line on the upper bullet points – Completed by Scott – 12-08-22
  3. Shorten the same bullet points on the home page to make it not wrap to a second line of text on the last bullet points and capitalize the right column to match the left column for uniformity. – Completed by Scott – 12-08-22
  4. Check to make sure bullet point is not on the footer Tell us about your project widget when it goes to the smart phone. – 12-08-22
  5. Check any page with 3 call to action buttons for possible problems stacking on the smart phone, might need to add padding top and bottom. – 12-08-22
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